MINI PEARL 2048 요약정보 및 구매
규격 97*32*75CM
모델 MINI REAEL 2048
판매가격 전화문의
배송비결제 착불

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상품 상세설명

Technology Parameter

DMX512/ 1990 Standard, 2048 channels

7" colorful touch screen

Both Chinese/ English language

Shape effect preset

R20 format fixture library

DMX512/ 1990 standard, up to 2048 DMX channels, optically isolated signal output.

Maximum control 200 computers and 200 road lights dimming, use pearl light library built-in graphics trajectory generator, 235 built-in graphics, user-friendly graphical fixtures trajectory control, such as a circle, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects. Graphics parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, waves, direction, cycle way, marshalling) can be set independently.

100 material, with four modes, more flexible.

150 one playback scenes, scenes for storing multi-step, single-step collection of scenes and scenes.

Multi-step scenario can store up to 600 steps.

Backlit LED display, in English.

Off data retention.

U disk backup and upgrade

Professional gooseneck lights for outdoor performances use. (Optional)

Power: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz

DMX512 channels: 2048

Mating number of fixtures: 200

Fixtures re-connected with the address code: Support

Lamps horizontal and vertical exchange: Support

Lamps channel inverting output: Support

Lamps channel sliding mode switch: Support

Each scanner maximum available control channels: Channel 40 main channel +40 trim

Fixture Library: R20 pearl light library support

The number of scenes that can be saved: 150

The number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 15

The total number of steps in a multi-step scenario: 600

Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP sliding

Graphics can be stored for each scene: 5

Fader scenes and dimming: Support

Interlock Scene: Support

Point Control scenarios: support

Graphics Generator: can generate Dimmer, P/T, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris, Focus Graphics

Graphics can be run simultaneously Number: 8

Master Fader: Global total control

Now Black: Support

Dial to adjust the channel values: support

Fader adjust the channel values: support

Fader Dimmer: Support

U disk read: Support FAT32 format


Multi-step Control Introduction

Mulit-step control Area: composed of 5 buttons- Connect, Parameter, GO+, GO-, PAUSE.

● Connect: Multi-step scenario for connecting to and sliding speed dial ho than A and B can be separately controlled. If there are several steps to connect scenes, the second line of the menu will be the initial page number to display multiple views for the current connection

● Parameter: When the temporary connection speed multiple-step scene, save multi-step scenario (with the speed of A / B runner-adjusted), and modify the direction of other operating parameters.

● Pause: When connecting multiple step scene, you can use the pause button to pause the operation of multi-view.

● (Go-): When connected to a multi-step scene pause, use this key to continue to run the scene, but the reverse operation.

● (Go +): When connected to a multi-step scene pause, use this key to continue to run the scene, is a forward run.


Function Introduction

Function area: executable memory, such as a scene, copy or luminaire mating operation. These buttons have lights on, indicating whether the button is activated.

● Controller: performs switching console mode function. When hit dimming mode Preset Fader for dimming, the Home menu will prompt "Fader mode = dimming (Programming)", this mode is used for editing and storage of conventional lamps; when preset putter hit the mode of operation for dimming, the Home menu will prompt "fader mode = dimming (show)," All the data in this mode program area will not be saved, but also the key It will be locked and can only be a repeat of scenes and dimming conventional lamps; preset attribute pattern when the key hit the putt for modifying the properties of the menu starting page prompt "fader mode = attribute" this mode easy to edit and store lighting fixtures scene.

* Patch: Patching Conventional lights, computer lights, and look at some of the characteristics of lighting fixtures and modify information.

* Scene/ Palette: Save single-step execution scene function and creative capabilities.

* Chase: save multi-step execution scene function.

* Shape: Graphics application (such as a circle, water effects, etc.), modify graphic parameters, delete graphics.

* FAN: to make a row of lights, such as attribute data fan-like expansion.

* Setting: perform data erasure, data backup, data loading, recording and editing language selection, lighting management, and MIDI timecode.

* Delete: executable scenario at the start page menu delete function, executable fixture at mated menu to delete, delete the executable graphics in graphics menu, delete the executable step in a multi-step scene menu .

* Copy/ Inset: Copy the scene, or import data single-step scene.

* Cancel channel: Clear Channel programming area in the property of a branch of the lamp.

* Time: edit scenes time.

상품 정보 고시

등록된 상품문의

상품문의가 없습니다.


- 배송사 : 옐로우택배
- 발송일 : 입금확인일로부터 1~2일 *일부상품은 재고 따라 배송이 지연될 수 있습니다.
- 배송기간 : 발송일로부터 1~3일(영업일 기준) *명절 전 시즌 및 폭설 등 자연 재해로 인해 배송이 지연될 수 있습니다.
- 추가비용발생 : 제주도 및 일부 도서 산간 지역
*상품 주문자명과 입금하는 입금자명이 동일해야 합니다. 동일하지 않을 경우 전화바랍니다.


- 높은 품질의 상품을 저마진으로 공급하고 있기때문에 상품하자가 아닌 이상 반품은 불가입니다.
- 부득이하게 반품하실 경우나 교환의 경우 배송료는 고객님 부담입니다. 양해바랍니다.
- 하자나 오배송의 경우에는 판매자가 왕복배송비를 부담하여 동일 색상, 동일 사이즈로 교환배송해 드립니다.
- 무료배송으로 받은 상품중 한가지라도 반품을 하실 경우에는 최초의 무료배송비를 부담해주셔야 합니다. 이점 양해 부탁드립니다.
- 교환 및 반품은 물품 수령후 7일이내 1회만 가능합니다.

A/S신청장비자료실개인결제창쇼핑몰이용안내주문및배송포트폴리오재고/중고판매 실시간상담 문의게시판
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